The GLOWOSAURS Foundation

The GLOWOSAURS Foundation “Sharing a warm GLOW through hope, love, kindness and friendship and is dedicated to helping ill and injured children and their families find comfort during a time of medical crisis.”

When I became a father I simply could not resist the urge to surround our children with dinosaurs. Not just any dinosaurs, I didn’t want scary and mean-looking dinosaurs watching over my kids at night. The dinosaurs had to be special. They had to be exciting, adventurous and fun! I created GLOWOSAURS.

Years later, suddenly and without warning, tragedy struck and my colorful world went dark. My then nine year old son was rushed into the operating room for a series of emergency brain operations in the hope of saving his life.

Through it all, I have never felt so helpless. Why didn’t I become a doctor so that I could save my son’s life? What good are my talents and skills of a graphic artist and as a writer?

Desperately searching for a release and for answers to my burning questions, I began to pour my emotions into the pages of empty notebooks. The tear soaked pages of my emotional journals eventually became my inspiration to write GLOWOSAURS, the series of books. I wrote them as a way to help myself heal and later discovered that GLOWOSAURS and The GLOWOSAURS Foundation provide a way for me to give back.

Throughout our stay in intensive care at Primary Children’s Medical Center, little miracles and acts of kindness happened every day—making a HUGE difference in not only my son’s recovery, but also in my families recovery.

While we were in the hospital, loving neighbors and friends helped care for our six year old daughter while my wife and I attended to our son. Words of encouragement, prayers, warm latte’s, cinnamon rolls, home-made dinners, tickets to sporting events, movies and children’s books were delivered to our room. Each and every act of LOVE and KINDNESS helped us face another day. LOVE gave us HOPE and provided strength for us to carry on.

Please help The GLOWOSAURS Foundation help ill and injured children and their families to “carry on.” Please donate to The GLOWOSAURS Foundation.

With your support, The GLOWOSAURS Foundation will provide cute and lovable, soft, plush GLOWOSAURS created in the likeness of our mascot, HOPE. We also offer children’s books, educational coloring/activity pages, glow-in-the-dark stickers and t-shirts, puzzles and more to ill and injured children and their siblings.

When faced with a medical crisis, The GLOWOSAURS Foundation provides a necessary distraction for those who are ill, their families and friends, helping to relieve aching and confused minds by offering gifts of LOVE. These gifts of LOVE provide immediate comfort to the children in the form of quiet and stimulating activities.

Ultimately, The GLOWOSAURS Foundation’s unique gift is a moment of time that is shared in a soft loving glow, with the HOPE that those in need can carry on to face another day, bringing them closer to healing and a new beginning.

The GLOWOSAURS Foundation also visits pre-schools and elementary schools to share our personal story of perseverance with young students, offering advice about how to support ill or injured class mates, siblings and friends in a time of great need. We accomplish all of this while utilizing a creative message designed to help protect our environment, sharing a warm GLOW through HOPE, LOVE, KINDNESS and FRIENDSHIP.


Glowosaurs provides a special and unique story, written in the form of a series of colorfully illustrated children’s books.

The Glowosaurs Foundation provides magic and hope to the families of ill and injured children and their siblings, while bringing a greater purpose to the world of the Glowosaurs.

To help make our world a brighter place to live, gives 5% of all sales to The Glowosaurs Foundation. Also, when you join the Glowosaurs LUV Club, 100% of all LUV Club proceeds go directly to The Glowosaurs Foundation.