About Us

About Us
Founded upon three simple concepts; love, glow-in-the-dark, and dinosaurs GLOWOSAURS teaches children (and parents) cherished secrets and lessons in life.

Story Behind the Story…
When I became a father I simply could not resist the urge to surround my children with dinosaurs. Not just any dinosaurs, I didn’t want scary and mean-looking dinosaurs watching over my kids at night. The dinosaurs had to be special. They had to be exciting, adventurous and fun! I created GLOWOSAURS.

Years later, suddenly and without warning, tragedy struck and my colorful world went dark. My then nine year old son was rushed into the operating room for a series of emergency brain operations in the hope of saving his life.

Through it all, I have never felt so helpless. Why didn’t I become a doctor so that I could save my son’s life? What good are my talents and skills of a graphic artist and as a writer? Desperately searching for a release and for answers to my burning questions, I began to pour my emotions into the pages of empty notebooks. The tear soaked pages of my emotional journals eventually became my inspiration to write GLOWOSAURS, the series of books. I wrote them as a way to help myself heal and later discovered that GLOWOSAURS provides a way for me to give back.

Join the GLOWOSAURS in their amazing underground world known as Glowhaven. Discover the secrets that they have learned in life and share them with others. Find your inner glow as you take a journey through their world within the colorful illustrated pages of the GLOWOSAURS series of children’s books.

The GLOWOSAURS Foundation “Sharing a warm GLOW through hope, love, kindness and friendship and is dedicated to helping ill and injured children and their families find comfort during a time of medical crisis.”
Join the GLOWOSAURS LUV Club and help the GLOWOSAURS “Get More Glow” and help make their world and ours a brighter, safer place to live.

Light up your world with GLOWOSAURS!
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