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are FUN to collect. Collect 'em all. Use your imagination and create TRADING CARD games of your own to play with friends. Team up with Smasher and help him defend his title in the GLOWOSAURS World League of Soccer. Join Cool and discover amazing adventures in the great outdoors. Play a pick-up game of basketball with Dunker and see who can score the most points with amazing dunks!

GLOWOSAURS Trading Cards are available as a .PDF Download for all LUV Club Members.

Trading Cards - Collect' em all!

Mr. Cool Hike

Mr. COOL His friends call him "Cool" Look for Cool in the great outdoors, hiking and exploring the desert slot canyons of Zion National Park. Cool lost his right arm while saving the lives of his friends - making him a hero among the GLOWOSAURS.

Download Mr. COOL

Dinosaur playing soccer

Smasher Defending his title in the GLOWOSAURS World League SMASHER plays goalie for the defending GLOW Cup World Champions, The Comets.

Download SMASHER

Dinosaur playing basketball

Dunker He's three feet tall, but he's not small. What Dunker lacks in height, he makes up in might. Dunker is MVP of the GWBL (GLOWOSAURS World Basketball League).

Download DUNKER

Dinosaur riding  horse

GLOWOSAURS Character: Crazy Crazy enjoys surfing the big waves in GLOWHAVEN, but riding on the open desert on his horse BEAMER is what Crazy loves best! Download CRAZY

Download CRAZY

swimming dinosaur

: Hydros Always found near large bodies of water, Hydros has perfected the art of play. Hydros is a fun-loving GLOWOSAUR with a passion for life.

Download HYDROS

Dinosaur riding Mountain Bike

Speedy He's anything BUT Speedy. Speedy could go fast, but he'd rather take his time and make the good-times last.

Download SPEEDY


Thrash Thrash is the silent type - he barely says a word. But when he talks he makes you laugh, and that is worth a thousand words.

Download THRASH