Hope the Plush Dinosaur


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SOFT AND PLUSH STUFFED DINOSAUR Created in the likeness of The Glowosaurs Foundation mascot, HOPE.

Cuddle up with HOPE while reading GLOWOSAURS: Discovery, Book One. HOPE is a Snuggly 8” Tall soft and plush Dinosaur, designed to bring immediate comfort to all children in need of a hug. Your children will love reading our colorfully illustrated children's books while wearing our glow-in-the-dark t-shirts to bed. After reading about the adventures of the GLOWOSAURS and it's time for sleep, turn out the lights and watch your children GLOW in-the-dark from the LOVE of the GLOWOSAURS.

Snuggly 8” Tall Dinosaur is designed to bring immediate comfort to all children in need of a hug.